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Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, our insurance appraisal system can help ensure a fair and accurate settlement.

Property Insurance Claims are not one size fit all. In fact, depending on your carrier and the time of year (storm season) the leniency or difficulty can vary. We offer three distinct services depending on the insurance company, the phase of the claim, and the adjuster involved. To find out more click our "FREE CONSULTATION" Button.

Insurance Appraisal

Similar to appraising a homes value, insurance appraisal values the claim settlement. If you or your contractor feel that there are dollars missing from the scope you have a right to Appraisal. This option removes the insurance company and adjuster from the settlement discussion and allows two 3rd party representatives to establish the settlement amount.

Public Adjusting

We can inspect, estimate, pull building code, and coach clients allowing them to self represent. Contractors and property owners can both use this service, allowing us to provide our expertise but not our representation. Claim Consulting always precedes Public Adjusting and Appraisal, as it provides and estimate but protects the claim timeline.

Claim Consulting

This is out team representing you and your claim. This includes communicating and negotiating on your behalf with the insurance company. Sometimes this strategy is the preference usually we will suggest this if the insurance company denies coverage Public Adjusting will ensure coverage, and appraisal will establish the accurate cost of repair.

Our Credentials

With a background in Large Loss Storm recovery, mitigation, restoration, policy interpretation, and residential/commercial estimating our team is uniquely qualified to handle the difficult task of fighting for insurance claim justice. We have seen it all, inspected it all, estimated it all, and now we are ready to negotiate it all for you!

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